Author: Kevin Latimer

New website released!

Trench Networks Limited is proud to announce the release of our new website! We’ll be adding much more content over the next few weeks but we hope you find the information on Outpost useful. In addition, you have access to our Industry Opinion pieces, where we look at the latest trends in Construction IT.

Trench Networks Limited raises six-figure investment

With the amazing response to Outpost from recent events, Trench Networks Limited has successfully performed a round of funding and secured a six-figure sum of investment from local investment channels. This investment will allow us to hold additional stock ready to meet the increased demand, as well as allowing us to expand our team and… Read more »

Trench Networks awarded Fujitsu Select Expert status

While we remain specialists in providing super-fast, reliable and secure connectivity for the construction sector, it’s important to remember that this connection is part of the larger picture. Whether our clients are asking us questions on mobile client devices for site (such as tablets and laptops) or how they can expand or improve their own… Read more »