Connecting Construction

Trench Networks provide reliable, secure and high performing Internet for construction sites throughout the UK with our market-leading technology. Formed in 2015, we have utilised our 20 years of IT in construction expertise to change the face of 4G Internet connectivity on sites and bring Internet to the most challenging of locations. We are proudly trusted by a number of the UK's leading contractors as a supplier they can trust time and time again.

The Outpost Solution

We call our service Outpost and it is so much more than a regular router. Designed, developed and built in house, Outpost specifically addresses the problems surrounding traditional construction site Internet. Fixed line installations are often a long-winded headache, whilst consumer grade routers and hot-spots are unreliable and simply not fit for purpose for a construction site. These methods are no longer good enough as modern sites demand more out of their technology.

Our heritage is deeply rooted in IT for the construction industry - we understand what it takes to supply a site with the correct level of Internet connectivity and associated security. We know that not having this in place results in reduced productivity and communication, leading to costly mistakes and project delays.

Outpost is the only construction site Wi-Fi service to be built specifically to address this problem and we have built a solution that works.

Aggregated Connection

Combining the power of multiple networks for greater speed and reliability

Industry Expertise

Developed in-house by experts with over two decades of experience of construction site connectivity

Rapid Deployment

Installation within 48 hours allowing your site teams to get online and get to work faster

Visibility and Control

Robust access management and dashboard monitoring provides a comprehensive overview of all site activity

Cost Management

Simple and transparent fixed-cost model meaning there are no unexpected data charges

IT Strategy Alignment

Acting as an extension of your own network and offering integration to internal systems

Who We Help

We help site teams across the build process from teams working with complex multi-disciplinary BIM models, downloading large files and drawings to simply checking and responding to emails and keeping in touch with suppliers.

We supply an outstanding service so sites can be as productive as possible without any communication delays holding them up. You shouldn't have to just 'make do' with poor Internet and be continually frustrated with your current service provider.

Construction site connectivity is what we do – we’re experts at it. Let us take away the headaches of hardware installation, tech support, poor speeds and unpredictable data costs potentially resulting in loss of time and money. We can provide our unique Connectivity-as-a-Service offering across your sites so you can just get on with construction!

Site Teams

A reliable internet connection is essential to keep your site moving. You shouldn’t need to worry about this – it should just work.


IT Managers

Installing comms when mobilising a new site is a difficult task and trying to resolve connectivity issues from miles away is even tougher. Let us take that responsibility from you.


Company Directors

Programmes are tight, margins are even tighter. Reduce risk and protect your bottom line by investing in site connectivity – it’s a business critical issue.


Facilitating digital construction

UK Contractors and their supply chain have invested millions of pounds in cloud-based software, BIM and video conferencing, making the site cabin an extension of the office.

Slow or unreliable network connections will swallow up many of these benefits leading to frustration and disillusionment, risking inconsistency and a lack of adoption.

Enjoy the time and cost saving benefits of digital construction by investing in a site connectivity solution fit for the construction industry.

By the industry, for the industry

Construction sites by their very nature are dynamic. They evolve on a daily basis, provide a constantly challenging environment, and are home to an ever-changing project team.

It is this unique scenario which calls for a unique solution – one that has been developed by a team with over two decades of experience in construction site connectivity.

We understand construction. We understand your challenges. Let us see how we can help.

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Secure your site WiFi

Outpost can be implemented across your business as an extension of your own network, or on an individual project with an immediate need. It’s time to stop accepting delays, ‘making do’ and dealing with the uncertainty of data bundles. Invest in your site connectivity – contact us today.